How it Works

  • Suggest Acts

    Users suggest what acts they want to tour

  • Promote and Vote

    Users and Touriffik promote the suggested act out to others via social media

  • Vote Monitoring

    Touriffik monitors the progress for demand from the users for each act

  • Vote Goal Reached

    The act receives enough votes and Touriffik approaches the artist to tour

  • Earlybird Tickets on Sale

    Earlybird ticket pledges are made under crowd funding rules - if no tour then all money is refunded

  • Tour is On!

    Enough early bird tickets are sold to reach the tour sale threshold. Crowd funded pledges turn into real tickets and are sent out to pledgers.

  • Remaining Tour Tickets on Sale

    Remaining tickets go on sale to Touriffik users and general public

  • Tour Happens

    You now enjoy seeing your favourite artist, live in concert!

  • Get Ready for your next Act

    Vote and Share to bring the next great act to your city!

  • You suggest an act to tour

  • You, Touriffik and others promote out through social media

  • Touriffik monitors the votes for the act

  • Votes total target reached and your act tours!

New to crowdfunding?

Welcome! With Touriffik's crowdfunding and artist tour campaigns, there's no better place to discover and fund the next big tour to New Zealand of your favourite artists. Whether they are from America, UK, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, South Africa, China, South America, Canada or any where in the world, Touriffik can make your dreams come true.

By contributing to tour campaigns - around here we call it "backing" - you're joining a group of music experts and music insiders that add momentum to making great concert tours happen.