Jason Kerrison, of OpShop and The Babysitter’s Circus fame, is currently producing his first solo album, which he will soon be taking on the road.

Jason Kerrison is a multi-platinum, multi-award winning singer-songwriter, producer, meditator, planetarian and wannabe surfer. Born in Invercargill in the Deep South and now living in Northland, after many years writing and touring with OpShop and The Babysitter’s Circus, Jason is residing off-grid high in the beautiful hills and bush of the Far North. He is currently producing his first solo album in his solar-powered studio due for long awaited release in 2023. The release will be accompanied by a unique NFT  Virtual Reality-based, Video and Music collection.


In 2011, JK was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit (MNZM) in the Queen's Birthday Honours, for Services to Music. After the first major earthquake in Canterbury in 2010, Jason led a team to create the Band Together concert in Hagley Park , Christchurch, to raise spirits in his hometown. It drew over 100,000 people to Hagley Park to support the Kaupapa. He appeared on the “Team Ball Player Thing” single that raised money for Cure Kids (in 2015) and had high-profile roles on TV as a judge on New Zealand’s Got Talent (2012) and X Factor (2015).


Whether performing solo with his guitar, live remixing with Ableton Live or playing with his band of legendary players Jason is able to reach out to each member of the audience and take them on an extraordinary musical journey.His heartfelt love songs makes even hardened cynics swoon just a little, while the huge Opshop and Babysitters Circus tunes literally have them running up the aisles to the dance floor.

Jason says, “I have known Paul Marshall for many years and his new business Touriffik is in my opinion a potential paradigm shifter for planning and executing not only an efficient and optimised tour but possibly even a profitable one."


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