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Most twenty-somethings have plenty going on in their lives. But add Tourettes, Aspergers and ADHD to the mix and you have more than your fair share of stuff to deal with. However, guitar in hand and vocals at the ready, Mads Harrop who hails from Oamaru is cutting a swathe through the NZ music scene opening for local and international acts alike. The dreams are big and the sound is lush.

With lyrical and vocal honesty to the fore, Mads Harrop merges emotional vulnerability with a sharp, rock-driven guitar tone in her music. Citing the likes of AK79 and 1970’s punk as inspiration, her songs ring out with the infectiously simple energy of classic punk.

Mads describes her songwriting as coming from a very personal place, with a significant emphasis on lyrics and personal experience.

She loves all things Music (Contemporary) and loves performing live and being in front of audiences.

Mads says “I’m very excited to be working alongside Touriffik and am optimistic that this will encourage more people to support the music industry! Kia Ora Touriffik!”

This is your chance to witness Mads performing live, up close and personal in your local venue.

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