If your keen to see and hear The Saddleblasters live in concert then make sure you vote for them in your location and then share this page.

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If you want to see and hear The Saddleblasters live in concert then make sure you vote for them and then share this page. Depending where we have the most votes will determine which towns and cities we can bring this event to, will it be your town?

About The Saddleblasters:

The Saddleblasters are a cowboy-country outfit consisting of singer-songwriter Neil Hersey and music producer Dave Maybee.

The Saddleblasters have performed with American country music supergroup “The Highwaymen” (Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings & Kris Kristofferson).

John Grenell was a member of The Saddleblasters up until his death in 2022. John had a New Zealand number one hit record in the 90’s with the Jim Reeves song Welcome To Our World. The song was heavily featured nationally in a Toyota vehicle TV advertising campaign, and produced by American superstar country singer Emmylou Harris’s musical director Wayne Goodwin.

The Saddleblasters have toured extensively around New Zealand, everywhere from Invercargill to Cape Reinga and as Dave says “I’m pretty sure we have played every RSA in New Zealand and almost every bar and Workingmen's Club around the country”.

The Saddleblasters were formed during a Northland tour which saw John and Dave performing a show in Kaitaia. On the way back down South John had been handed a cassette tape of demos of a then unknown artist by the name of Neil Hersey. On the tape was 5 of Neil’s original songs which he had recently written, Dave recalls “I was very impressed by the songwriting strengths of this unheard of “newby” as was John, so we decided to invite him to perform a few shows with us and the rest as they say is history”. Neil joined the band as a full time member shortly afterwards and became the principal songwriter for the group.

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