Join us for a night of live music featuring the legendary Gray Bartlett and Chet O’Connell

NZ Country legends Gray Bartlett and Brendan Dugan  together once again

A business card for Gray Bartlett could describe his work in one word: a player. As a guitarist and promoter he has been a prominent member of the New Zealand music industry for nearly 60 years. ‘La Playa’ is also the name of his biggest hit, a guitar instrumental first released in 1964 by Zodiac that became a perennial seller in Asia.

But that modest description – “player” – only hints at the activities of someone who has worn countless hats in many roles over several decades. Bartlett’s work as a guitarist and promoter have taken him around the world as a performer and a businessman. He has produced many recording projects of his own and with others, helped many New Zealand artists reach a wide audience, and seen him champion the local music industry to the public and politicians. For nine years he put himself in the firing line as an Auckland city councillor, and he has even been a Parliamentary candidate.

Some voices have that intangible quality that makes them instantly recognisable. The velvety rich baritone of Brendan Dugan is one such voice. Most singers can't even think to the low notes he can reach, although his familiar tone evolved a few years after his television debut.

Fresh-faced Brendan Dugan won Studio One - New Faces as a 16-year-old in 1968 and became a star overnight. Within the year he moved from Christchurch to the big smoke of Auckland and was taken under the wing of a New Zealand entertainment veteran.

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