Hangar 18 are performing live

Hangar 18 are Red Dela Pena on vocals, LC Reklamo on guitar, Malcolm Foster on bass and Paul Marshall on drums.

Paul is the original founding member of Hangar 18 and has had a long music career, working on all sides of the industry. Malcolm is best known for his time performing and recording with The Pretenders and Simple Minds. So Paul and Malcolm are “the veterans” in the band, working for many years in the music industry, while Red & LC are the new blood.

Paul says “my idea was to form a male version of Garbage, comprising of a couple of established music industry veterans with some new blood mixed in at the helm, similar to what Butch Vig and the guys did with Shelly Manson from Garbage”. 

With a truely unique line up and one of a kind personalities the band includes members from London (UK) and Manila (Philippines) and are now based in Auckland (New Zealand). With their unique blend of backgrounds, cultures and experiences combining together forms the fabric of their sound, which is truly Hangar 18. 

Their songs are eclectic in theme, ranging from love songs, break ups to gun control, from murder to mental health issues, songs about traveling, about people, and about pretty much every subject in between.  

The new album was produced by legendary UK producer Steve James (George Harrison, The Sex Pistols, The Jam, Shirley Bassey, Vera Lynne and more).  

Hangar 18’s new single Say It To Me is the first release from the upcoming album entitled ‘Terraforming California’.

UK music reviewer JONATHAN ROBINSON wrote “Say It To Me, is soulful indie pop at its most recognisable, the track is achingly catchy”.

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